Why did Hamas supporters threaten India with Retaliation?

Following the strike on Israel, the website of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas was hacked. This effectively closes not just the information provided by Hamas to its supporting nations, but also the requested collaboration. Frustrated by the cyber attack on their website, cyber hackers affiliated with the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas have accused India of being behind it. Furthermore, various gangs of hackers collaborated to target numerous Indian websites.

According to intelligence agency information, the hackers group of these terrorist backers has warned of cyber strikes not only in India but also in nations such as America, France, and Ukraine. These Hamas sympathizers’ hackers claim that because India has promised to assist Israel, they would fight a massive cyber war.

According to authorities, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas’s computer infrastructure was entirely destroyed during the largest ever attack on Israel. After the collapse of Hamas’ cyber system, all technological systems employed by them were disabled, allowing them to retain their network in touch with their supporting countries with tremendous optimism during this era of conflict. According to reports, Hamas’ website was hacked and its whole network was destroyed just after ten a.m. on Sunday (Israeli time). Aside from that, the content published by the Islamic organization on its website has been entirely altered.

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Indeed, analysts claim that during the attack on Israel, a variety of messages were sent to Hamas followers via the terrorist organization’s website. Terrorist groups not only exchanged information about their activity, but also presented their rationale for attacking Israel. According to insiders, when Israel increased its strikes on Hamas, battle broke out in cyberspace.

When this website was hacked about 10 a.m. Israel time, Hamas supporters claimed that it was not simply the work of Indian hackers. Rather, they began making plans to assault many Indian websites. In this cyber war, supporters of terrorist groups started war in cyberspace not just in India, but also in nations such as the United States, France, and Ukraine.

According to intelligence agency sources, gangs hacking websites from throughout the world have become active in favor of Hamas. Among these groups, the Sylhet Gang, Garnetia Team, Panok Team, and Gananosec began planning attacks on Indian government websites in retaliation for the hacking of the Hamas website.

According to intelligence sources, the Garnetia team stated during this period that India targeted the website of Palestine’s Hamas Force in support of Israel. Indian hackers attempted to undermine their critical website by attacking it during the most critical time of the conflict. As a result, his group will exact the most severe retaliation for being an Israel supporter by launching a cyber attack on India’s website.

According to intelligence obtained by the Central Intelligence Agency, not only the Garnetia gang but also a group of other worldwide hackers have threatened India as well as any nations, including the United States, France, and Ukraine, that have offered assistance to Israel. The threat posed by these hackers, however, had little effect on India. According to sources, they were long aware of this kind of conduct by an international gang of hackers. As a result, he is completely prepared to cope with it.

During this period, a Hamas-backed cyber hacker group claimed to have hacked the Delhi government website, according to sources. However, the hackers’ claim was only a rumor because the Delhi government website that the pro-Hamas hackers claimed to have hacked was operational.

According to reports, the manner Hamas launched the war in Israel will have a huge impact in the coming days in the shape of a cyber space war. However, the nations where Hamas supporters have warned of such an attack are seen to be the most powerful in cyberspace. Despite this, it has been closely monitored at all levels, and plans have been taken to respond forcefully to the attack.

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