The mastermind of the October 7 strikes is in charge of Hamas’s talks

According to the Telegraph, the Hamas chief who organized the October 7 bombings is also personally in charge of the captive release negotiations.

Yahya Sinwar reportedly oversees the agreement and communicates frequently with the mediators in Qatar.

According to reports, the Hamas leader had already served 22 years in an Israeli prison.

According to a non-Israeli source who knows Sinwar personally, he is a “sociopath.” In order to accomplish his objectives, “he would think nothing of sacrificing tens of thousands of lives, and more,” he continued.

As per the Telegraph, Benjamin Netanyahu has called Sinwar a “dead man.”

According to reports in the newspaper Haaretz, Israeli defense authorities expressed concern that Sinwar was maintaining his hard-line negotiating stance and was still in a “euphoric” state following the events of October 7.
They stated that an agreement needed to be reached as soon as possible since Sinwar might cut off contact in the event that the conflict got more intense. Plans for “targeted” incursions into southern Gaza, where hundreds of thousands of residents have fled, are allegedly being finalized by Israeli officials.

After an Israeli raid on the Al-Shifa hospital, Sinwar had already called off the discussions. but later had picked up again with the mediators in Qatar and was approaching to a settlement. The Telegraph claims that he might free more captives than the fifty that he originally planned to free.

Israel must cease its aerial surveillance of Gaza during the ceasefire in order for Sinwar to proceed.

Qatar and Israel have not acknowledged that they spoke with Sinwar.

But because of the security implications, Israeli negotiator Gershon Baskin told the Telegraph that he was skeptical that Sinwar was personally involved in the negotiations.

“Very unlikely that he would talk directly with Israel or that Israel would talk directly with him; it’s too dangerous to him,” he declared.

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