Israeli women were raped; the terrorists did not even leave the dead corpses behind.

On Saturday, Hamas carried off an astonishing strike in Israel. At a music festival, terrorists have caused mayhem. In Israel’s southern Sukut hamlet, terrorists shed a lot of blood. Here, 260 dead bodies were discovered. Eyewitnesses to this program are now describing the brutality displayed by Hamas. It will give you chills to hear how a victim of the attack described the bloody sight to a friend. The terrorists executed several individuals at gunpoint while raping women in front of the dead body.

After watching the sight, shocked

When one eyewitness went back to find his buddies, he was stunned by what he found. The eyewitness described the dead bodies that were laying in front of him to his companion in a strangled voice. The majority of these remains were those of young ladies, lying disfigured and absolutely cold. These corpses were either barely clothed or naked. These corpses included several close-range shooting victims. The attackers used hand grenades to blow up the autos. Some individuals began to run and concealed themselves in the bushes. “I felt as if they were shooting right above our heads,” one survivor remembered.

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There seemed to be gunfire all around.

He said, “I went into a bush. We had the impression that gunshots were flying in all directions at once. I knew we would spend at least a couple hours there. And I was in the dark. I also hoped I could defend myself with a weapon. He ultimately made the choice to risk reaching security alone with a few of his companions. Some individuals took the chance while going barefoot. The security was reportedly seen along the road, according to witnesses. However, she was far away when she began to walk.

Army discovered a Quran copies.

He said, “I informed my pals that we will only travel on the road if we observe army or police vehicles as targets. Otherwise, we won’t be able to go there. We knew it was safe when we saw military and police cars. IDF forces later searched these trucks after the horrible onslaught had finally stopped and they had managed to apprehend the perpetrators. The IDF discovered many Quranic copies, RPG launchers, advanced communication tools, AK-47s, and other weapons—mostly built in the Soviet Union—in these vehicles.

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