Hamas, which used to kill people, is now providing balm, video of Israel’s first hostage released, watch

On October 7, Hamas militants who had invaded Israel murdered ordinary Israelis. Aside from that, they kidnapped roughly 200 individuals. For the first time, Hamas has broadcast a video of a hostage. By publishing this movie, Hamas, which is firing on ordinary people, is attempting to portray itself as a sympathizer. Mia Skeem is the girl in the video who is resting on the bed. Outside the frame, someone is bandaging his right hand. He has a cut on his hand.

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Mia Schem, a 21-year-old French-Israeli citizen, is being held captive in Gaza by the terrorist organization Hamas. The first film of a captive was posted by Hamas on Monday. Skeem’s face appears to be exceedingly pale. She tells the camera that she was hurt and transferred to Gaza. She then wants to be returned to her family. Thunder may be heard in the background while he speaks.

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Mother made an appeal: Skeem’s family breathed a sense of relief when they saw this video. Skeem’s mother, speaking to media in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, implored the government and international leaders to bring her daughter home. “I beg the world to return my daughter to me.” “She just went to have fun at a party,” Karen Scharf Skeem said, holding a photo of her daughter. She is now in Gaza, and she is not alone there.

‘Daughter is terrified.’ Scharf Skeem stated that he did not know if his daughter was dead or alive until Monday. Their best hypothesis was that she had been kidnapped. ‘I saw that he was alive, and I saw that it was him,’ he added. I had previously heard that he had been shot in the shoulder or leg. I can tell he was shot in the shoulder now. I saw he had undergone surgery. She appears terrified. I’m familiar with him. She is merely expressing what has been requested of her. The IDF stated that they had informed Schem’s mother of his kidnapping.

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