Hamas terrorists crossed the limits of brutality, raped Israeli women in front of dead bodies

Israel Hamas War Update: Palestine’s terrorist organization Hamas suddenly attacked Israel with 5000 rockets on Saturday, October 7. In this attack, 700 Israelis perished, and many Israeli troops and women were abducted by Hamas militants. The fact that after beheading the ladies, Hamas attackers went beyond all standards of brutality with the dead corpses may be used to judge the terrorist group’s level of depravity.

On Saturday, October 7, Hamas assaulted an Israeli music event. Additionally, terrorists from Hamas launched attacks on Israeli citizens after crossing the border by land and water. Terrorists from Hamas killed 260 people in Israel at one location.

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many people were shot in the head

A lady who had escaped a Hamas terrorist strike told a friend about their violence. The lady said that many ladies were raped by Hamas militants in front of the dead corpse. Many males were shot in the head at the same moment.

Women are raped in front of corpses.

An eyewitness who survived the Hamas attack described the cruelty of the attackers by saying, “There were many dead bodies lying in front of me.” Young ladies made up the majority of these deceased bodies. On these deceased bodies, there were scarcely any clothing. In front of the bodies of the males, the terrorists sexually assaulted many women. While trying to hide in the bushes, some persons were shot in the head by the terrorists.

Raining bullets came from all directions.

I managed to escape and hide in a bush, according to someone who survived the Hamas onslaught. All around me, bullets were pelting me. I was defenseless against any weapon. I seized the chance of getting to security after managing to rescue myself in some way. I didn’t feel relieved until I saw police and military vehicles.

These items were found among the terrorists from Hamas.

Many Hamas militants were apprehended by Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers, according to eyewitnesses. Many lethal weapons were discovered inside the terrorists’ vehicles when they were searched. From Hamas militants, weapons produced in Russia, high-tech communication equipment, AK-47s, and RPG launchers were also found. Additionally, several copies of the Quran were also retrieved from him.

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