China’s second gift began to spread around the world.

China’s second gift has started spreading around the world. It started in the Ohio state of America. A strange disease has started spreading again in China. Which is affecting the children of China. And because of this, in many states of China, especially the Eastern States of China. The hospitals there have started filling up. As mentioned in the report, international media is also reporting.

According to him, this is a disease that affects children. Especially it affects their lungs. There is a special type of pneumonia. However, which disease is this? which virus is it? which is pneumonia? This thing is not known. Because China is not giving reports to the WHO, you will be surprised to know that for the last month, the WHO has literally been on its knees and pleading with China.

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For the sake of the whole world, please give us the data related to this disease. In which it can be known whether it is a virus or bacteria. How does it spread among patients? What is its infection rate? If it was a new type of virus-like Corona, then we would have been able to warn all the countries of the world. And there is a vaccine for it even before it spreads. They will be able to make it and give it to the children of their country so that no one gets harmed. But China is not ready to stop. You will be surprised to know that till now China has not given any information about this disease to any organization or any country in the world, let alone WHO. He is busy hiding it.

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And China is saying in its cover-up that, this is a normal type of cold which spreads in our country every year. WHO has said that we should assume that this is a normal type of cold. But still give us the data. What is the harm in giving the data? Once we check ourselves, we will get satisfaction. But China is not ready to agree at all on this matter. Not telling anything has increased the concern of the world. Because if it was really cold, China would have provided the data immediately. But there is something big. That’s why they are hiding it, but China is trying to hide it.

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At the same time, in the other corner of the world, a similar disease has started spreading in the US state of Ohio. Which is affecting children. More than 150 such patients have come forward. Symptoms of the same disease are visible in a particular area of Ohio state of America. Like it is spread in China. And due to this, American officials and all the lawmakers are worried. And that’s why he founded the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which is the largest health agency of the US government. He has been given a stern warning that this matter should be investigated immediately.

And whatever facts and figures come out regarding this should be presented to the people of the country in a completely transparent manner. Nothing should be hidden as it happened in the initial phase of Corona. This time we will tell everything openly to the people of the country. While there is an uproar regarding this in America, the good thing is that the Indian government had started preparations for this several days ago. And our preparations to deal with it are absolutely complete. We are not going to face any problem but for now, we should pray that China is telling the truth. In fact, it is a normal cold that comes with winter and goes away later. This is not a new virus

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