Baba Venga’s dangerous prediction, this big disaster is going to come next year

Baba Vanga Predictions for 2024: With just two and a half months till the new year begins, predictions for the year 2024 have begun to surface. Baba Venga, the world’s most famous prophet, has also issued predictions for the year 2024. Some of these projections are frightening.

If Baba Venga’s prophesies come true next year, the planet might be utterly destroyed. Many of Baba Venga’s prophesies have already come true. This contains forecasts of damage from the Russia-Ukraine war, such as floods and earthquakes in other nations, including India.

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Baba Venga has made a terrifying forecast for 2024. According to this, several countries will launch biological weapons attacks. Aside from that, numerous nations will see unusually heavy rainfall and strong winds. Floods caused by excessive heat and heavy rainfall will occur in many places of the world as a result of climate change and global warming.

The climate will suffer as a result of global warming. The temperature will fluctuate. Cold areas will warm up. There will be extreme heat in hot areas. Also, according to Baba Venga’s prophesy, coastal cities would be swamped in water owing to glacier melting in 2024.

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These forecasts come true in 2023.

Prior to this, he had made a number of perilous forecasts for the year 2023. Predictions of the Third World War, changes in Earth’s orbit, and unusual rains and floods were all part of the package. The flood and earthquake forecasts, as well as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, all came true. Floods caused significant loss of lives and property in India. In addition, scientists have detected a hole in the sun 20 times the size of the Earth. The radiation emitted by this is having a negative impact.

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Let us inform you that many of the forecasts made decades ago by Bulgaria’s blind Vangelia Pandava Gushterova nicknamed Baba Venga have come true.

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