Are India, Russia and America planning World War-3?

Emergency warnings are being provided via mobile phones. In the last month, the alert system has been activated multiple times on Android and iOS devices. Last week, America, like India, issued a mobile emergency alert. Although the government asserts that it is being used to give notifications for natural catastrophes such as floods and earthquakes, there is a distinct conversation on social media.

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According to social media, the government is testing an emergency warning system on mobile phones in response to the potential risks of nuclear war and World War 3. This is being blamed on the implementation of mobile emergency alerts in the United States, Russia, and India.

Let us inform you that a war is currently raging in Ukraine and Russia. Also recently, a battle has begun between Israel and Palestine, which has the support of all European countries, including the United States. After a year, all of these instances are linked to the mobile emergency alert system, although the mobile emergency alert system has nothing to do with World War 3. It also has no ties to America or Russia.

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Along with the advisory, the government provided the following information: The government has published a notification about the Mobile Emergency Alert System, indicating that it is being trialed. This has been released by National Disaster Management and the Department of Transportation, so there is no need for anyone to worry. Users are not required to take any action in this case.

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